What's out there now?

Peregrine $150

  • 18 Touch Points, 3 Activator Pads
  • Enter commands and keyboard shortcuts
  • Can use in addition to keyboard

Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove $40

  • 6 DOF at 45 hz
  • Optical Tracking
  • Bend Sensor at 60hz
  • Wireless
  • USB 1.1 compliant

StretchSense $800 2 stretch sensor kit

how to make an incredibly cheap pressure/bend sensor



How do we make this mean something to the Arduino?

Voltage Divider

R2: Bend Sensor

R1: Appropriately Matched Resistor for Sensor Range

Vout = Vin × R2 / (R1 + R2)

Vin: +5V

Vout: ~1-4V
< optimal range but good enough for me

Haptic Feedback

Spatially Transparent Electrotactile Display

Maglev Haptic Interfaces - Carnegie Mellon

Too many I/O's for Arduino?

Other Glove Projects

Tactile dataglove with fabric-based sensors

54 tactile cells allowing natural manual interactions to be captured

Fissure - VR Ableton Live Controller

Imogen Heap "The Gloves"

Laetitia Sonami The Lady's Glove

"The Gloves" Prototype WiFi Gloves Using x-OSC and x-BIMU

  • good for gestures
  • probably not great for VR because of drift and latency
  • wireless and self-contained a plus

x-OSC ~$250

  • 16 analog/digital inputs
  • 16 PWM outputs (up to 50 mA per channel)
  • 13 bit 400 Hz ADC
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer on board
  • Sends all data vis OSC messages over WiFi 54Mbps

esp8266 $3 unreliable WiFi board from China

ESP8266 WiFi Module Library

Paul M. Christian

- https://github.com/meta-meta My Github